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The Grid and related classes in this module provide functionality similar to a spreadsheet, where the application can display rows and columns of data of various types, which the user can edit and otherwise interact with.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
Grid wx.grid.Grid and its related classes are used for displaying and editing tabular data.
GridCellAttr This class can be used to alter the cells’ appearance in the grid by changing their attributes from the defaults.
GridCellAttrProvider Class providing attributes to be used for the grid cells.
GridCellAutoWrapStringEditor Grid cell editor for wrappable string/text data.
GridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer This class may be used to format string data in a cell.
GridCellBoolEditor Grid cell editor for boolean data.
GridCellBoolRenderer This class may be used to format boolean data in a cell.
GridCellChoiceEditor Grid cell editor for string data providing the user a choice from a list of strings.
GridCellCoords Represents coordinates of a grid cell.
GridCellDateTimeRenderer This class may be used to format a date/time data in a cell.
GridCellEditor This class is responsible for providing and manipulating the in-place edit controls for the grid.
GridCellEnumEditor Grid cell editor which displays an enum number as a textual equivalent (eg.
GridCellEnumRenderer This class may be used to render in a cell a number as a textual equivalent.
GridCellFloatEditor The editor for floating point numbers data.
GridCellFloatRenderer This class may be used to format floating point data in a cell.
GridCellNumberEditor Grid cell editor for numeric integer data.
GridCellNumberRenderer This class may be used to format integer data in a cell.
GridCellRenderer This class is responsible for actually drawing the cell in the grid.
GridCellStringRenderer This class may be used to format string data in a cell; it is the default for string cells.
GridCellTextEditor Grid cell editor for string/text data.
GridColumnHeaderRenderer Base class for column headers renderer.
GridColumnHeaderRendererDefault Default column header renderer.
GridCornerHeaderRenderer Base class for corner window renderer.
GridCornerHeaderRendererDefault Default corner window renderer.
GridEvent This event class contains information about various grid events.
GridHeaderLabelsRenderer Common base class for row and column headers renderers.
GridRowHeaderRenderer Base class for row headers renderer.
GridRowHeaderRendererDefault Default row header renderer.
GridSizeEvent This event class contains information about a row/column resize event.
GridSizesInfo wx.grid.GridSizesInfo stores information about sizes of all wx.grid.Grid rows or columns.
GridStringTable Simplest type of data table for a grid for small tables of strings that are stored in memory.
GridTableBase The almost abstract base class for grid tables.
GridTableMessage A simple class used to pass messages from the table to the grid.
GridUpdateLocker This small class can be used to prevent wx.grid.Grid from redrawing during its lifetime by calling wx.grid.Grid.BeginBatch in its constructor and wx.grid.Grid.EndBatch in its destructor.