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Class Summary

Class Short Description
ArrayStringProperty Property that manages a list of strings.
BoolProperty Basic property with boolean value.
ColourPropertyValue Because text, background and other colours tend to differ between platforms, wx.propgrid.SystemColourProperty must be able to select between system colour and, when necessary, to pick a custom one.
CursorProperty Property representing wx.Cursor.
DateProperty Property representing wx.DateTime.
DirProperty Like wx.propgrid.LongStringProperty, but the button triggers dir selector instead.
EditEnumProperty wx.propgrid.EnumProperty with String value and writable combo box editor.
EnumProperty You can derive custom properties with choices from this class.
FileProperty Like wx.propgrid.LongStringProperty, but the button triggers file selector instead.
FlagsProperty Represents a bit set that fits in a long integer.
FloatProperty Basic property with double-precision floating point value.
FontProperty Property representing wx.Font.
ImageFileProperty Property representing image file(name).
IntProperty Basic property with integer value.
LongStringProperty Like wx.propgrid.StringProperty, but has a button that triggers a small text editor dialog.
MultiChoiceProperty Property that manages a value resulting from wx.MultiChoiceDialog.
NumericPropertyValidator A more comprehensive numeric validator class.
PGCell Base class for wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid cell information.
PGCellRenderer Base class for wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid cell renderers.
PGChoiceEntry Data of a single wx.propgrid.PGChoices choice.
PGChoices Helper class for managing choices of wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid properties.
PGDefaultRenderer Default cell renderer, that can handles the common scenarios.
PGEditor Base class for custom wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid editors.
PGEditorDialogAdapter Derive a class from this to adapt an existing editor dialog or function to be used when editor button of a property is pushed.
PGInDialogValidator Creates and manages a temporary wx.TextCtrl for validation purposes.
PGMultiButton This class can be used to have multiple buttons in a property editor.
PGPaintData Contains information relayed to property’s OnCustomPaint.
PGPropArgCls Most property grid functions have this type as their argument, as it can convey a property by either a pointer or name.
PGProperty wx.propgrid.PGProperty is base class for all wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid properties.
PGValidationInfo Used to convey validation information to and from functions that actually perform validation.
PGWindowList Contains a list of editor windows returned by CreateControls.
PropertyCategory Category (caption) property.
PropertyGrid wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid is a specialized grid for editing properties - in other words name = value pairs.
PropertyGridEvent A property grid event holds information about events associated with wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid objects.
PropertyGridInterface Most of the shared property manipulation interface shared by wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid, wx.propgrid.PropertyGridPage, and wx.propgrid.PropertyGridManager is defined in this class.
PropertyGridManager wx.propgrid.PropertyGridManager is an efficient multi-page version of wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid, which can optionally have toolbar for mode and page selection, a help text box, and a header.
PropertyGridPage Holder of property grid page information.
PropertyGridPageState Contains low-level property page information (properties, column widths, etc) of a single wx.propgrid.PropertyGrid or single wx.propgrid.PropertyGridPage.
StringProperty Basic property with string value.
SystemColourProperty Has dropdown list of wxWidgets system colours.
UIntProperty Basic property with integer value.

Functions Summary

Function Short Description
RegisterEditor Use PropertyGrid.DoRegisterEditor instead