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The wx.adv module contains classes which are more advanced and/or less commonly used than those in the core namespace. They are provided in a separate module to help reduce overhead and dependencies for those applications which do not need any of these classes.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
AboutDialogInfo wx.adv.AboutDialogInfo contains information shown in the standard About dialog displayed by the wx.adv.AboutBox function.
Animation This class encapsulates the concept of a platform-dependent animation.
AnimationCtrl This is a static control which displays an animation.
BannerWindow A simple banner window showing either a bitmap or text.
BitmapComboBox A combobox that displays bitmap in front of the list items.
CalculateLayoutEvent This event is sent by wx.adv.LayoutAlgorithm to calculate the amount of the remaining client area that the window should occupy.
CalendarCtrl The calendar control allows the user to pick a date.
CalendarDateAttr wx.adv.CalendarDateAttr is a custom attributes for a calendar date.
CalendarEvent The wx.adv.CalendarEvent class is used together with wx.adv.CalendarCtrl.
CommandLinkButton Objects of this class are similar in appearance to the normal Buttons but are similar to the links in a web page in functionality.
DateEvent This event class holds information about a date change and is used together with wx.adv.DatePickerCtrl.
DatePickerCtrl This control allows the user to select a date.
EditableListBox An editable listbox is composite control that lets the user easily enter, delete and reorder a list of strings.
ExtHelpController This class implements help via an external browser.
GenericCalendarCtrl The calendar control allows the user to pick a date.
GenericDatePickerCtrl This control allows the user to select a date.
HyperlinkCtrl This class shows a static text element which links to an URL.
HyperlinkEvent This event class is used for the events generated by wx.adv.HyperlinkCtrl.
Joystick wx.adv.Joystick allows an application to control one or more joysticks.
LayoutAlgorithm wx.adv.LayoutAlgorithm implements layout of subwindows in MDI or SDI frames.
NotificationMessage This class allows showing the user a message non intrusively.
OwnerDrawnComboBox wx.adv.OwnerDrawnComboBox is a combobox with owner-drawn list items.
PropertySheetDialog This class represents a property sheet dialog: a tabbed dialog for showing settings.
PseudoDC A PseudoDC is an object that can be used much like real
QueryLayoutInfoEvent This event is sent when wx.adv.LayoutAlgorithm wishes to get the size, orientation and alignment of a window.
RichToolTip Allows showing a tool tip with more customizations than wx.ToolTip.
SashEvent A sash event is sent when the sash of a wx.adv.SashWindow has been dragged by the user.
SashLayoutWindow wx.adv.SashLayoutWindow responds to OnCalculateLayout events generated by wx.adv.LayoutAlgorithm.
SashWindow wx.adv.SashWindow allows any of its edges to have a sash which can be dragged to resize the window.
Sound This class represents a short sound (loaded from Windows WAV file), that can be stored in memory and played.
SplashScreen wx.adv.SplashScreen shows a window with a thin border, displaying a bitmap describing your application.
TaskBarIcon This class represents a taskbar icon.
TaskBarIconEvent The event class used by wx.adv.TaskBarIcon.
TimePickerCtrl This control allows the user to enter time.
TipProvider This is the class used together with wx.adv.ShowTip function.
Wizard wx.adv.Wizard is the central class for implementing ‘wizard-like’ dialogs.
WizardEvent wx.adv.WizardEvent class represents an event generated by the wx.adv.Wizard: this event is first sent to the page itself and, if not processed there, goes up the window hierarchy as usual.
WizardPage wx.adv.WizardPage is one of the screens in wx.adv.Wizard: it must know what are the following and preceding pages (which may be None for the first/last page).
WizardPageSimple wx.adv.WizardPageSimple is the simplest possible wx.adv.WizardPage implementation: it just returns the pointers given to its constructor from wx.adv.WizardPage.GetNext and wx.adv.WizardPage.GetPrev functions.

Functions Summary

Function Short Description
AboutBox This function shows the standard about dialog containing the information specified in info.
CreateFileTipProvider This function creates a wx.adv.TipProvider which may be used with wx.adv.ShowTip .
GenericAboutBox This function does the same thing as wx.adv.AboutBox except that it always uses the generic wxWidgets version of the dialog instead of the native one.
ShowTip This function shows a “startup tip” to the user.