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package_summary Packages Summary

agw This is the Advanced Generic Widgets package (AGW). It provides many
analogclock AnalogClock - an analog clock.
art Currently provides some flag icons based on
colourchooser PyColourChooser
floatcanvas This is the floatcanvas package, the main classes are
masked package providing “masked edit” controls, allowing characters within a data entry control to remain fixed, and providing fine-grain control over allowed user input.
ogl The Object Graphics Library provides for simple drawing and manipulation
pdfviewer pdfViewer class is derived from wx.ScrolledWindow class
plot A simple plotting library for the wxPython Phoenix project.
pubsub Pubsub package initialization.
wxcairo This package provides some glue code that allows the Cairo library to draw

module_summary Modules Summary

activex This module provides a wx.Window that hosts ActiveX Controls using
anchors LayoutAnchors is a class that implements Delphi’s Anchors using
busy A class like wx.BusyInfo but which doesn’t take up so much space by default
buttons This module implements various forms of generic buttons, meaning that
calendar A module with a calendar control and a calendar dialog and some utility
CDate Date and calendar classes and date utitility methods.
ClickableHtmlWindow sorry no documentation...
colourdb This module loads additional colour names/values into the wx.ColourDatabase.
colourselect Provides a wx.ColourSelect button that, when clicked, will display a
colourutils Some useful colour-related utility functions.
combotreebox ComboTreeBox provides a ComboBox that pops up a tree instead of a list.
delayedresult This module supports the thread-safe, asynchronous transmission of data
eventwatcher A widget and supporting classes for watching the events sent to some other widget.
evtmgr A module that allows multiple handlers to respond to single wxWidgets
expando This module contains the ExpandoTextCtrl, which is a multi-line
fancytext FancyText – methods for rendering XML specified text
gestures This is a class to add Mouse Gestures to a program.
graphics This module implements an API similar to wx.GraphicsContext and its
imagebrowser This module provides the ImageDialog which allows to view and select
imageutils This module contains a collection of functions for simple image manipulations.
inspection This modules provides the InspectionTool and
itemspicker Created on Oct 3, 2010
langlistctrl ListCtrl and functions to display languages and the flags of their countries
msgpanel MessagePanel is a simple panel class for displaying a message, very
newevent Easy generation of new events classes and binder objects.
nvdlg A simple dialog that can prompt for values for any arbitrary set of name/value
platebtn Editra Control Library: PlateButton
progressindicator A simple gauge with a label that is suitable for use in places like a
rcsizer A pure-Python Sizer that lays out items in a grid similar to
resizewidget Reparents a given widget into a specialized panel that provides a resize
scrolledpanel ScrolledPanel extends ScrolledWindow, adding all
sized_controls The sized controls default HIG compliant sizers under the hood and provides
softwareupdate This module provides a class designed to be mixed with wx.App to form a
splitter This module provides the MultiSplitterWindow class, which is very
statbmp GenStaticBitmap is a generic implementation of wx.StaticBitmap.
stattext GenStaticText is a generic implementation of wx.StaticText.
throbber A throbber displays an animated image that can be
ticker News-ticker style scrolling text control
utils A few useful functions. (Ok, only one so far...)
wxpTag wx.lib.wxpTag