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This module contains a widget class and supporting classes for a generic HTML renderer. It supports only a subset of the HTML standards, and no Javascript or CSS, but it is relatively lightweight and has no platform dependencies. It is suitable for displaying simple HTML documents, such as the application’s documentation or built-in help pages.


Due to some internal dynamic initialization in wxWidgets, this module should be imported before the wx.App object is created.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
HtmlBookRecord Helper class for wx.html.HtmlHelpData.
HtmlCell Internal data structure.
HtmlCellEvent This event class is used for the events generated by wx.html.HtmlWindow.
HtmlColourCell This cell changes the colour of either the background or the foreground.
HtmlContainerCell The wx.html.HtmlContainerCell class is an implementation of a cell that may contain more cells in it.
HtmlDCRenderer This class can render HTML document into a specified area of a DC.
HtmlEasyPrinting This class provides very simple interface to printing architecture.
HtmlFilter This class is the parent class of input filters for wx.html.HtmlWindow.
HtmlFontCell This cell represents a font change in the document stream.
HtmlHelpController This help controller provides an easy way of displaying HTML help in your application (see HTML Sample, test example).
HtmlHelpData This class is used by wx.html.HtmlHelpController and wx.html.HtmlHelpFrame to access HTML help items.
HtmlHelpDataItem Helper class for wx.html.HtmlHelpData.
HtmlHelpDialog This class is used by wx.html.HtmlHelpController to display help.
HtmlHelpFrame This class is used by wx.html.HtmlHelpController to display help.
HtmlHelpWindow This class is used by wx.html.HtmlHelpController to display help within a frame or dialog, but you can use it yourself to create an embedded HTML help window.
HtmlLinkEvent This event class is used for the events generated by wx.html.HtmlWindow.
HtmlLinkInfo This class stores all necessary information about hypertext links (as represented by <A> tag in HTML documents).
HtmlListBox wx.html.HtmlListBox is an implementation of wx.VListBox which shows HTML content in the listbox rows.
HtmlModalHelp This class uses wx.html.HtmlHelpController to display help in a modal dialog.
HtmlParser Classes derived from this handle the generic parsing of HTML documents: it scans the document and divide it into blocks of tags (where one block consists of beginning and ending tag and of text between these two tags).
HtmlPrintout This class serves as printout class for HTML documents.
HtmlRenderingInfo This class contains information given to cells when drawing them.
HtmlRenderingState Selection state is passed to wx.html.HtmlCell.Draw so that it can render itself differently e.g.
HtmlRenderingStyle wx.html.HtmlSelection is data holder with information about text selection.
HtmlTag This class represents a single HTML tag.
HtmlWidgetCell wx.html.HtmlWidgetCell is a class that provides a connection between HTML cells and widgets (an object derived from wx.Window).
HtmlWindow wx.html.HtmlWindow is probably the only class you will directly use unless you want to do something special (like adding new tag handlers or MIME filters).
HtmlWindowInterface Abstract interface to a HTML rendering window (such as wx.html.HtmlWindow or wx.html.HtmlListBox) that is passed to wx.html.HtmlWinParser.
HtmlWinParser This class is derived from wx.html.HtmlParser and its main goal is to parse HTML input so that it can be displayed in wx.html.HtmlWindow.
HtmlWinTagHandler This is basically wx.html.HtmlTagHandler except that it is extended with protected member m_WParser pointing to the wx.html.HtmlWinParser object (value of this member is identical to wx.html.HtmlParser‘s m_Parser).
HtmlWordCell This html cell represents a single word or text fragment in the document stream.
HtmlWordWithTabsCell wx.html.HtmlWordCell is a specialization for storing text fragments with embedded tab characters.
SimpleHtmlListBox wx.html.SimpleHtmlListBox is an implementation of wx.html.HtmlListBox which shows HTML content in the listbox rows.

Functions Summary

Function Short Description