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The RichTextCtrl is a generic, ground-up implementation of a rich text control capable of showing multiple text styles and images. This module contains the control and many supporting classes needed for using the features of the RichTextCtrl.


Due to some internal dynamic initialization in wxWidgets, this module should be imported before the wx.App object is created.

Class Summary

Class Short Description
RichTextAction Implements a part of a command.
RichTextAttr A class representing enhanced attributes for rich text objects.
RichTextBox This class implements a floating or inline text box, containing paragraphs.
RichTextBuffer This is a kind of paragraph layout box, used to represent the whole buffer.
RichTextBufferDataObject Implements a rich text data object for clipboard transfer.
RichTextCell wx.richtext.RichTextCell is the cell in a table, in which the user can type.
RichTextCharacterStyleDefinition This class represents a character style definition, usually added to a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleSheet.
RichTextCommand Implements a command on the undo/redo stack.
RichTextCompositeObject Objects of this class can contain other objects.
RichTextContextMenuPropertiesInfo wx.richtext.RichTextContextMenuPropertiesInfo keeps track of objects that appear in the context menu, whose properties are available to be edited.
RichTextCtrl wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl provides a generic, ground-up implementation of a text control capable of showing multiple styles and images.
RichTextDrawingContext A class for passing information to drawing and measuring functions.
RichTextDrawingHandler The base class for custom drawing handlers.
RichTextEvent This is the event class for wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl notifications.
RichTextField This class implements the general concept of a field, an object that represents additional functionality such as a footnote, a bookmark, a page number, a table of contents, and so on.
RichTextFieldType The base class for custom field types.
RichTextFieldTypeStandard A field type that can handle fields with text or bitmap labels, with a small range of styles for implementing rectangular fields and fields that can be used for start and end tags.
RichTextFileHandler The base class for file handlers.
RichTextFontTable Manages quick access to a pool of fonts for rendering rich text.
RichTextFormattingDialog This dialog allows the user to edit a character and/or paragraph style.
RichTextFormattingDialogFactory This class provides pages for wx.richtext.RichTextFormattingDialog, and allows other customization of the dialog.
RichTextHeaderFooterData This class represents header and footer data to be passed to the wx.richtext.RichTextPrinting and wx.richtext.RichTextPrintout classes.
RichTextHTMLHandler Handles HTML output (only) for wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl content.
RichTextImage This class implements a graphic object.
RichTextImageBlock This class stores information about an image, in binary in-memory form.
RichTextLine This object represents a line in a paragraph, and stores offsets from the start of the paragraph representing the start and end positions of the line.
RichTextListStyleDefinition This class represents a list style definition, usually added to a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleSheet.
RichTextObject This is the base for drawable rich text objects.
RichTextObjectAddress A class for specifying an object anywhere in an object hierarchy, without using a pointer, necessary since RTC commands may delete and recreate sub-objects so physical object addresses change.
RichTextParagraph This object represents a single paragraph containing various objects such as text content, images, and further paragraph layout objects.
RichTextParagraphLayoutBox This class knows how to lay out paragraphs.
RichTextParagraphStyleDefinition This class represents a paragraph style definition, usually added to a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleSheet.
RichTextPlainText This object represents a single piece of text.
RichTextPlainTextHandler Implements saving a buffer to plain text.
RichTextPrinting This class provides a simple interface for performing wx.richtext.RichTextBuffer printing and previewing.
RichTextPrintout This class implements print layout for wx.richtext.RichTextBuffer.
RichTextProperties A simple property class using Variants.
RichTextRange This stores beginning and end positions for a range of data.
RichTextRenderer This class isolates some common drawing functionality.
RichTextSelection Stores selection information.
RichTextStdRenderer The standard renderer for drawing bullets.
RichTextStyleComboCtrl This is a combo control that can display the styles in a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleSheet, and apply the selection to an associated wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl.
RichTextStyleDefinition This is a base class for paragraph and character styles.
RichTextStyleListBox This is a listbox that can display the styles in a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleSheet, and apply the selection to an associated wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl.
RichTextStyleListCtrl This class incorporates a wx.richtext.RichTextStyleListBox and a choice control that allows the user to select the category of style to view.
RichTextStyleOrganiserDialog This class shows a style sheet and allows the user to edit, add and remove styles.
RichTextStyleSheet A style sheet contains named paragraph and character styles that make it easy for a user to apply combinations of attributes to a wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl.
RichTextTable wx.richtext.RichTextTable represents a table with arbitrary columns and rows.
RichTextXMLHandler A handler for loading and saving content in an XML format specific to wx.richtext.RichTextBuffer.
SymbolPickerDialog wx.richtext.SymbolPickerDialog presents the user with a choice of fonts and a grid of available characters.
TextAttrBorder A class representing a rich text object border.
TextAttrBorders A class representing a rich text object’s borders.
TextAttrDimension A class representing a rich text dimension, including units and position.
TextAttrDimensionConverter A class to make it easier to convert dimensions.
TextAttrDimensions A class for left, right, top and bottom dimensions.
TextAttrSize A class for representing width and height.
TextBoxAttr A class representing the box attributes of a rich text object.

Functions Summary

Function Short Description
RichTextApplyStyle Apply one style to another.
RichTextBitlistsEqPartial Compare two bitlists.
RichTextCombineBitlists Combine two bitlists.
RichTextDecimalToRoman Convert a decimal to Roman numerals.
RichTextHasStyle Utilities
param destStyle:
RichTextSplitParaCharStyles Split into paragraph and character styles.
RichTextTabsEq Compare tabs.
param currentStyle:
TextAttrEq Compare two attribute objects.