Need any wxWidgets or wxPython Help?

My current long-term consulting project will be coming to an end soon, so I am currently looking for some short-term paying projects to fill in while I'm looking for my next long-term gig.  Anything ranging from a few days to several weeks worth of work would be fine. So if you would like some help with your wx-related projects, would like to have specific bugs fixed or new features added to wxWidgets or wxPython, or would like to sponsor some of my work on Phoenix, then please send me an email and we can discuss the details.

Of course if you have or know of a long-term position available that would fit my skill set then please let me know about that as well.


OS X Lion Was My Idea

Several months ago Microsoft had an ad campaign where they would have an average Joe or Jane talk about some cool wizbang feature of Windows 7 and how it was all their idea.  It was one of Microsoft's better ad campaigns, and was actually understandable by the average person without requiring the viewer to know industry inside jokes, or to understand Jerry Seinfeld, to be able to "get" the gist of the commercial.  It also employed some cute gimmicks, such as when the person was remembering back to how they thought up the wonderful new idea the directors used a different actor who was younger, thinner, cuter, handsomer, and had way better hair than the real person.

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wxPython (Classic) Release

Happy New Year! wxPython (classic) has been released. This release takes care of a few bugs discovered in the installers and documentation of the previous release, and a few other things.

wxPython (Classic) Release

wxPython (classic) has been released. Among other things, this build adds some classes produced by one of the Google Summer of Code projects, wx.html2.WebView and related classes. This gives wxPython the ability to embed a native HTML/CSS/JS renderer using the same API and events on all platforms.

wxPython Release

wxPython has been released. This release fixes a bug that was causing the base class methods of wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl to be called incorrectly, causing a crash.