wxPython Maillists

The wxPython mail lists are hosted on Google Groups, so they can be used in the traditional way via sending and receiving emails, or they can be used on-line at the Google Groups site. This provides an experience very much like on-line forums, which many people prefer.

The wxPython mail lists are an excellent resource for anyone who is using wxPython, especially newbies who are just learning wxPython. Nearly anyone on the wxPython-users list will tell you that it is one of the best and friendliest that they have ever seen, and a great source of help. Not only while they were first learning wxPython, but also when they tackled some of the more complex subjects.

Each and every one of the list subscribers contribute to that excellence and friendliness. You are encouraged to stay involved with the mail list. Don't just ask your question and then fade away. If you are helped then please try to pass it on someday when somebody asks a question that you know the answer to. The more you help then the more you learn yourself. Please keep the tone and language used in your messages friendly, helpful and professional. If your granny would smack you for saying something that is rude or insensitive then don't send it to our mail lists. If you don't have much experience with mail lists in the past then you may want to read one of the many etiquette documents out there to help you get acquainted with good behavior.

Please note that you must be subscribed to the list to be able to send mail messages to it. This is done to help reduce the amount of spam messages going through the lists. Any subscriber found to be posting spam messages to the list will be reported and banned from the list.

When reporting problems or asking for help on any of the maillist/groups be sure to give all the relevant details of your environment (platform, Python version, wxPython version) and also include a small, runnable sample application which demonstrates your issue. If you don't then it is very likely that the only response you will get is a request to do so.

The Maillists/Groups

The main list for discussing wxPython, getting questions answered, sharing experiences, etc. All questions that are Python specific should be asked here.
Mail Address, Group URL

This list is for coordinating between people who working on or contribute code or documentation to wxPython, discussions about future directions, details of issues and problems, etc.
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Since many of the questions and issues encountered in wxPython actually have nothing to do with Python or the wxPython extension module, this list is a good one to subscribe to as well. This list is for discussing general wxWidgets issues and the majority of messages apply to wxPython as well.
Mail Address, Group URL

For discussion of development issues for wxWidgets. Common topics are which new features should be added, bugs needing fixed, build issues,
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