wxPython (Classic) Release

wxPython (classic) has been released. Among other things, this build adds some classes produced by one of the Google Summer of Code projects, wx.html2.WebView and related classes. This gives wxPython the ability to embed a native HTML/CSS/JS renderer using the same API and events on all platforms.

wxPython Release

wxPython has been released. This release fixes a bug that was causing the base class methods of wx.richtext.RichTextCtrl to be called incorrectly, causing a crash.

wxPython Release

Here we go again. wxPython has been released. This build fixes an indentation bug that crept in somewhere along the way and that caused the Mac installer to fail as it compiled the .py files

wxPython Release

wxPython has been released. This build adds some fixes for some annoying and subtle bugs, and also a couple nice new features. The Cairo version of the wx.GraphicsContext back-end can now be used on Windows, and there is a new module in the library that helps wx applications to update themselves when new versions of the software are released.

wxPython released

This is pretty much a bug-fix only release, although some of the 3rd party modules in wx.lib have also been updated and include some new features.  You can download it from the wxPython download page.  As always you should join the wxPython-users group hosted at GoogleGroups for questions, support, comments, or just for the sake of being part of an awesome community.

Python Book Deals

While browsing around on the Packt Publishing web site after looking at the page for Cody's book I saw that there are currently a couple promotional deals that may interest some of you. There is the Python Month deal that will give you 20% off any Python book they publish, or 30% off of any Python eBook.  The other deal is that you can currently get any 5 eBooks from Packt for \$40.