wxPython 4.0.0a3 Release

wxPython 4.0.0a3 is now available at PyPI

Changes include the following:

  • Fixed a few cases where the GIL was not acquired before building tuples of values. The problems associated with this (hangs or crashes) were sporadic and seemingly random, and did not appear until there was a background thread that was very busy. Running under a debug build of Python revealed the problem almost immediately. Yay Python!

  • Return an integer value from wx.DC.GetHandle instead of a wrapped voidptr object, similar to how it is done for wx.Window.GetHandle.

  • Make wx.TreeItemID hashable, with meaningful hash value and equality operators, so it can be used as a dictionary key in Py3.

  • Fixed crash in wx.grid.GridTable.GetAttr, and potentially other cases of classes derived from wx.RefCounter.

  • Add ShowPage and IsRunning methods to wx.adv.Wizard.

  • Fixed various GTK specific bugs and other cleanup in wx.lib.agw.aui.

  • Updated to SIP 4.19.2

  • Restored builders for Python 3.4 to the buildbot.

  • Restore the wrappers for GetPaperSize and SetPaperSize to wx.PrintData.

  • Fix crashing problem when a wx.TreeItemId was compared with None.

  • Fix for missing checkbox images in CheckListCtrlMixin on Linux and OSX.

  • Fix another crashing problem in propgrid, and a few other propgrid issues too.

  • The release version of the documentation can now be found at https://docs.wxPython.org/. The documentation created during the snapshot builds is still located at https://wxPython.org/Phoenix/docs/html/.


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