New wxPython Website

"The 2000s called, they want their website back..."

Not any more! I finally gave the old clunky site back to the dinosaurs and have implemented a brand new site (using the awesome static site generator Nikola) which you are gazing at with much adoration now. The new site combines most of what was on the old site, plus a news feed (you're reading a news post right now) and I also resurrected my old wxForty-Two blog from the wordpress graveyard and added it here too. Being a static site I no longer have to worry about the perpetual stream of wordpress security issues.

There is still some style and template tweaking that I have planned, plus some more content, but thanks to Nikola I am a lot further along than I thought I would be by now. And since posts and content are edited in reST or Markdown (or tons of other options) it should be lots easier to keep things up to date and add new content as needed.

For those who care about the details, I'm using a custom theme based on Nikola's stock bootstrap3 theme, and using Mako for the template engine. I customized the base template to enable adding the panels on the right side of the page (or at the bottom if you are browsing on a phone or other width-challenged screen.) I also created a "shortcode" template that is used to inject the most recent news posts on the front page, enabling a combination of, in Nikola's terminology, "page" and "index". And of course there has been some CSS tweaks too. Fun stuff.

One more thing...

For the curious, the website repository is on GitHub, at


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