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wxPython 4.0.3 Released

"The show must go on."

wxPython 4.0.3 is now available at PyPI, with some additional files at the Extras archive.

This is another quick turn-around release in order to solve a couple semi-serious issues found in 4.0.2. Changes in this release include the following:

  • Fixed a linking problem on macOS. The new waf added an explicit link to the Python shared library which meant that it would try to load it at runtime, even if a different Python (such as Anaconda, EDM or Homebrew) was used to import wxPython. This, of course, caused runtime errors. (#892)

  • Sort pages by dock_pos when added to automatic (agw.aui) notebook. (#882)

  • Fix a bug in py.introspect.getTokens. (#889)

  • Added Vagrant configuration for Fedora-28. Removed Fedora-23 (#884)

  • Added wrappers for the wx.WindowIDRef class and added the wx.NewIdRef function. These will make it possible to create reserved Window IDs using the same mechanism which is used when passing wx.ID_ANY to a widget constructor. The object returned by wx.NewIdRef will automatically convert to an int when passing it to a window constructor, and can also be used as the source in a Bind(). (#896)

  • Fixed issue when sys.prefix is not unicode (Python2) and when its contents are not translatable to utf-8.

wxPython 4.0.1 Released


wxPython 4.0.1 is now available at PyPI, with some additional files at the Extras archive.

This release is a quick hot-fix of some issues discovered in 4.0.0 just after the release, plus a bit of low-hanging fruit that was easy to squeeze in too. Changes in this release include the following:

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New wxPython Website

"The 2000s called, they want their website back..."

Not any more! I finally gave the old clunky site back to the dinosaurs and have implemented a brand new site (using the awesome static site generator Nikola) which you are gazing at with much adoration now. The new site combines most of what was on the old site, plus a news feed (you're reading a news post right now) and I also resurrected my old wxForty-Two blog from the wordpress graveyard and added it here too. Being a static site I no longer have to worry about the perpetual stream of wordpress security issues.

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