wxPython News (old posts, page 5)


wxPython has been released. Details are found here, and the download page is here.

An interesting thing about this release is that I made the build, uploaded about a gig's worth of installers and packages, and everything else that goes into making a release, all while being out of town and away from the machines doing all the work. I was able to make all the final tests and adjustments on my new Mac, using VMware Fusion for the Windows and Linux specific work, and then used Mercurial over an ssh tunnel to push my changes back home to my master build and release machine. The next part was easy, since I have been doing mostly automated builds for a few years now. I just start it going via a ssh login and then checked on it a few hours later from the hotel to see if it's done. At that point things started to get a little tricky, mainly because I usually do the rest of the release process by hand and in person. Since the full build is about a gigabyte of binaries I transfered just a few of them to my local machine for testing, and then I had to deal with uploading remotely from the build machine to SourceForge and our APT repository, all while I had a flaky wireless connection here and while attending various meetings. Then I realized that the software I usually use for editing the website is only installed on a machine at home. Well anyway, I muddled through and managed to get it done, and now I know where my release process could use a bit more streamlining and automation...