How to Report Issues

If you haven't read it recently, please start by reading at least the Submitting Bugs section of the Contributing to Open Source Projects document. Building upon that foundation, please follow these steps when submitting your bug report to the wxPython Phoenix project.

  1. Do your due dilligence and search for any previous reports or other information about the bug you've discovered, not just the GitHub issues but Google for it too. You may find that it is already known, perhaps that there is a workaround for it, or even that it is intended behavior and is not a bug.
  2. If you're not on the latest version of wxPython, get it and try to duplicate your bug there. It may have already been fixed.
  3. If you still want to report the issue then go to the issues page for the wxPython Phoenix project and click the New Issue button.
  4. Include the following items in your description of the issue
    1. Opperating System
    2. wxPython version
    3. Python version
    4. If your wxPython binaries did not come from PyPI, where did you get it? Did you build it yourself?
    5. Steps needed to reproduce the issue
    6. A small runnable sample application that can be used to reproduce the issue, see also SSCCE and MCVE.