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  • Here's what people are saying about wxPython...

      "Why the hell hasn't wxPython become the standard GUI for Python yet?"
      -- Eric S. Raymond

      wxPython is the best and most mature cross-platform GUI toolkit, given a number of constraints. The only reason wxPython isn't the standard Python GUI toolkit is that Tkinter was there first.

      -- Guido van Rossum

      "Tkinter is dead, Java is dead, wxPython rules! That's all there is to say."

      -- Robert Roebling

      "I've written some rather involved applications with Python/Tkinter. wxPython beats it hands down... The widgets are better (being based on GTK for Linux) and the class setup is immediately useable. wxPython gives me a good reason to never even worry about using Java."

      -- Aaron Rhodes

      "The Python community needs to give up on Tcl and come join us. wxPython is wonderful stuff."

      -- David Priest

      "BTW, great work! I've definitively switched from Tk. I work on Win32, anybody who works on Win32 should switch!"

      -- Michel Orengo

      I have just picked myself up off the floor having looked at the wxHTML stuff in the new beta! wxPython is moving from excellent to completely awesome very quickly indeed.

      -- Sean McGrath

      Thanks for such fantastic work on wxPython. As a newcomer to Python the power of this GUI library blows me away. I will never use anything else.

      -- Mark Evans

      This toolkit has transformed the way I work.

      -- Dr. Daniel B. Koch