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Module wx.xrc

The XmlResource class allows program resources defining menus, layout of controls on a panel, etc. to be loaded from an XML file.

XmlDocument Proxy of C++ XmlDocument class
XmlNode Proxy of C++ XmlNode class
XmlProperty Proxy of C++ XmlProperty class
XmlResource Proxy of C++ XmlResource class
XmlResourceHandler Proxy of C++ XmlResourceHandler class
XmlSubclassFactory Proxy of C++ XmlSubclassFactory class

Function Summary
XmlDocument EmptyXmlDocument()
XmlResource EmptyXmlResource(flags, domain)
XmlDocument XmlDocumentFromStream(stream, encoding)
XmlNode XmlNodeEasy(type, name, content)
  XRCCTRL(window, str_id, *ignoreargs)
  XRCID(str_id, value_if_not_found)

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