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The py package, formerly the PyCrust package.

  • buffer: Buffer class.
  • crust: Crust combines the shell and filling into one control.
  • dispatcher: Provides global signal dispatching services.
  • document: Document class.
  • editor: PyAlaCarte and PyAlaMode editors.
  • editwindow: EditWindow class.
  • filling: Filling is the gui tree control through which a user can navigate the local namespace or any object.
  • frame: Base frame with menu.
  • images: Support for icons.
  • interpreter: Interpreter executes Python commands.
  • introspect: Provides a variety of introspective-type support functions for things like call tips and command auto completion.
  • pseudo: Provides a variety of classes to create pseudo keywords and pseudo files.
  • PyAlaCarte: PyAlaCarte is a simple programmer's editor.
  • PyAlaMode: PyAlaMode is a programmer's editor.
  • PyAlaModeTest: PyAlaModeTest is a programmer's editor.
  • PyCrust: PyCrust is a python shell and namespace browser application.
  • PyFilling: PyFilling is a python namespace inspection application.
  • PyShell: PyShell is a python shell application.
  • PyWrap: PyWrap is a command line utility that runs a wxPython program with additional runtime-tools, such as PyCrust.
  • shell: Shell is an interactive text control in which a user types in commands to be sent to the interpreter.
  • version: Provides an object representing the current 'version' or 'release' of Py as a whole.

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