Package wx :: Package lib :: Module splashscreen :: Class SplashScreen
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Type SplashScreen

object --+                    
    Object --+                
    EvtHandler --+            
            Window --+        
        TopLevelWindow --+    
                     Frame --+

Method Summary
  __init__(self, parent, ID, title, style, duration, bitmapfile, callback)
parent, ID, title, style -- see wx.Frame...
  OnCloseWindow(self, event)
  OnEraseBG(self, event)
  OnMouseClick(self, event)
  OnPaint(self, event)
  OnSplashExitDefault(self, event)

Property Summary

Instance Method Details

__init__(self, parent, ID=-1, title='SplashScreen', style=33587200, duration=1500, bitmapfile='bitmaps/splashscreen.bmp', callback=None)

parent, ID, title, style -- see wx.Frame
duration -- milliseconds to display the splash screen
bitmapfile -- absolute or relative pathname to image file
callback -- if specified, is called when timer completes, callback is
            responsible for closing the splash screen

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