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wxPython interactive shell

Copyright (c) 1999 SIA "ANK"

this module is free software.  it may be used under same terms as Python itself

i would like to use command completion (see rlcompleter library module),
but i cannot load it because i don't have readline...

03-oct-1999 [als] created
04-oct-1999 [als] PyShellOutput.intro moved from __init__ parameters
                  to class attributes; html debug disabled
04-oct-1999 [als] fixed bug with class attributes
                  input prompts and output styles added to customized demo
                  some html cleanups
04-oct-1999 [rpd] Changed to use the new sizers
05-oct-1999 [als] changes inspired by code.InteractiveInterpreter()
                  from Python Library.  if i knew about this class earlier,
                  i would rather inherit from it.
                  renamed to since i've renounced the 8.3 scheme

8-10-2001         THIS MODULE IS NOW DEPRECATED.  Please see the most excellent
                  PyCrust package instead.

PyShell interactive Python shell with wxPython interface
PyShellInput PyShell input window
PyShellOutput PyShell output window

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