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Package wx.lib.ogl

The Object Graphics Library provides for simple drawing and manipulation of 2D objects.

BitmapShape Draws a bitmap (non-resizable).
CircleShape An EllipseShape whose width and height are the same.
CompositeShape This is an object with a list of child objects, and a list of size and positioning constraints between the children.
Constraint A Constraint object helps specify how child shapes are laid out with respect to siblings and parents.
Diagram Encapsulates an entire diagram, with methods for drawing.
DividedShape A DividedShape is a rectangle with a number of vertical divisions.
DivisionShape A division shape is like a composite in that it can contain further objects, but is used exclusively to divide another shape into regions, or divisions.
DrawnShape Draws a pseudo-metafile shape, which can be loaded from a simple Windows metafile.
EllipseShape The EllipseShape behaves similarly to the RectangleShape but is elliptical.
LineShape LineShape may be attached to two nodes; it may be segmented, in which case a control point is drawn for each joint.
OpDraw Draw line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, point, arc, text.
OpPolyDraw Draw polygon, polyline, spline.
OpSetClipping Set/destroy clipping.
OpSetGDI Set font, brush, text colour.
PolygonShape A PolygonShape's shape is defined by a number of points passed to the object's constructor.
PseudoMetaFile A simple metafile-like class which can load data from a Windows metafile on all platforms.
RectangleShape The wxRectangleShape has rounded or square corners.
Shape OGL base class
ShapeRegion Object region.
TextShape As wxRectangleShape, but only the text is displayed.

Function Summary
  CentreText(dc, text_list, xpos, ypos, width, height, formatMode)
  CheckLineIntersection(x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4)
  DrawArcToEllipse(x1, y1, width1, height1, x2, y2, x3, y3)
  DrawFormattedText(dc, text_list, xpos, ypos, width, height, formatMode)
  FindEndForBox(width, height, x1, y1, x2, y2)
  FindEndForCircle(radius, x1, y1, x2, y2)
  FindEndForPolyline(xvec, yvec, x1, y1, x2, y2)
  FormatText(dc, text, width, height, formatMode)
  GetArrowPoints(x1, y1, x2, y2, length, width)
  GetCentredTextExtent(dc, text_list, xpos, ypos, width, height)
  GetPointOnLine(x1, y1, x2, y2, length)
  GraphicsStraightenLine(point1, point2)
  OGLConstraint(*args, **kwargs)
The OGLConstraint name is deprecated, use ogl.Constraint instead.
  PolylineHitTest(xvec, yvec, x1, y1, x2, y2)
  RoughlyEqual(val1, val2, tol)
  WhollyContains(contains, contained)

Function Details

OGLConstraint(*args, **kwargs)

The OGLConstraint name is deprecated, use ogl.Constraint instead.

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