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Module wx.lib.mvctree

MVCTree is a control which handles hierarchical data. It is constructed
in model-view-controller architecture, so the display of that data, and
the content of the data can be changed greatly without affecting the other parts.

MVCTree actually is even more configurable than MVC normally implies, because
almost every aspect of it is pluggable:
    MVCTree - Overall controller, and the window that actually gets placed
    in the GUI.
        Painter - Paints the control. The 'view' part of MVC.
           NodePainter - Paints just the nodes
           LinePainter - Paints just the lines between the nodes
           TextConverter - Figures out what text to print for each node
        Editor - Edits the contents of a node, if the model is editable.
        LayoutEngine - Determines initial placement of nodes
        Transform - Adjusts positions of nodes for movement or special effects.
        TreeModel - Contains the data which the rest of the control acts
        on. The 'model' part of MVC.

Author/Maintainer - Bryn Keller <>

NOTE: This module is *not* supported in any way.  Use it however you
      wish, but be warned that dealing with any consequences is
      entirly up to you.

BasicTreeModel A very simple treemodel implementation, but flexible enough for many needs.
FileWrapper Node class for FSTreeModel.
FSTreeModel This treemodel models the filesystem starting from a given path.
LateFSTreeModel This treemodel models the filesystem starting from a given path.
LayoutEngine Interface for layout engines.
LinePainter The linepainter interface.
MVCTree The main mvc tree class.
MVCTreeNode Used internally by MVCTree to manage its data.
NodePainter This is the interface expected of a nodepainter.
Painter This is the interface that MVCTree expects from painters.
TextConverter TextConverter interface.
Transform Transform interface.
TreeModel Interface for tree models
TreePainter The default painter class.

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