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Package wx.lib.masked

package providing "masked edit" controls, allowing characters within a data entry control to remain fixed, and providing fine-grain control over allowed user input.

  • combobox: Provides masked edit capabilities within a ComboBox format, as well as a base class from which you can derive masked comboboxes tailored to a specific function.
  • ctrl: masked.Ctrl is actually a factory function for several types of masked edit controls:
  • ipaddrctrl: Provides a smart text input control that understands the structure and limits of IP Addresses, and allows automatic field navigation as the user hits '.' when typing.
  • maskededit: contains MaskedEditMixin class that drives all the other masked controls.
  • numctrl: allows you to get and set integer or floating point numbers as value,</LI>
  • textctrl: Provides a generic, fully configurable masked edit text control, as well as a base class from which you can derive masked controls tailored to a specific function.
  • timectrl: TimeCtrl provides a multi-cell control that allows manipulation of a time value.

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