Package wx :: Package lib :: Package floatcanvas :: Module FloatCanvas :: Class ScaledBitmap
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Class ScaledBitmap

       DrawObject --+
XYObjectMixin --+   |
                |   |
  TextObjectMixin --+

This class creates a bitmap object, placed at the coordinates, XY, of Height, H, in World coorsinates. The width is calculated from the aspect ratio of the bitmap.

the "Position" argument is a two charactor string, indicating where in relation to the coordinates the bitmap should be oriented.

The first letter is: t, c, or b, for top, center and bottom The second letter is: l, c, or r, for left, center and right The position refers to the position relative to the text itself. It defaults to "tl" (top left).

The size scales with the drawing

Method Summary
  __init__(self, Bitmap, XY, Height, Position, InForeground)

Class Variable Summary

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