Package wx :: Package lib :: Package floatcanvas :: Module FloatCanvas :: Class Group
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Class Group

DrawObject --+

A group of other FloatCanvas Objects

Not all DrawObject methods may apply here. In particular, you can't Bind events to a group.

Note that if an object is in more than one group, it will get drawn more than once.

Method Summary
  __init__(self, ObjectList, InForeground, IsVisible)
  AddObject(self, obj)
  AddObjects(self, Objects)
  Bind(self, Event, CallBackFun)
  Move(self, Delta)
  SetColor(self, Color)
  SetFillColor(self, Color)
  SetFillStyle(self, FillStyle)
  SetLineColor(self, Color)
  SetLineStyle(self, LineStyle)
  SetLineWidth(self, LineWidth)

Class Variable Summary

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