Package wx :: Package lib :: Module delayedresult :: Class SenderWxEvent
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Class SenderWxEvent

Sender --+

This sender sends the delayed result produced in the worker thread to an event handler in the main thread, via a wx event of class eventClass. The result is an attribute of the event (default: "delayedResult".

Method Summary
  __init__(self, handler, eventClass, resultAttr, jobID, **kwargs)
The handler must derive from wx.EvtHandler.

Method Details

__init__(self, handler, eventClass, resultAttr='delayedResult', jobID=None, **kwargs)

The handler must derive from wx.EvtHandler. The event class is typically the first item in the pair returned by wx.lib.newevent.NewEvent(). You can use the resultAttr to change the attribute name of the generated event's delayed result.


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