Package wx :: Package lib :: Package analogclock :: Module helpers :: Class Box
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Class Box

Gathers info about the clock face and tick sets.

Method Summary
  __init__(self, parent, Face, TicksM, TicksH)
  Draw(self, dc)
  GetNiceRadiusForHands(self, centre)
  GetTickBorderColour(self, target)
  GetTickBorderWidth(self, target)
  GetTickFillColour(self, target)
  GetTickFont(self, target)
  GetTickOffset(self, target)
  GetTickPolygon(self, target)
  GetTickSize(self, target)
  GetTickStyle(self, target)
  RecalcCoords(self, size, centre, scale)
  SetIsRotated(self, rotate)
  SetShadowColour(self, colour)
  SetTickBorderColour(self, colour, target)
  SetTickBorderWidth(self, width, target)
  SetTickFillColour(self, colour, target)
  SetTickFont(self, font, target)
  SetTickOffset(self, offset, target)
  SetTickPolygon(self, polygon, target)
  SetTickSize(self, size, target)
  SetTickStyle(self, style, target)

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