Package wx :: Module aui :: Class AuiToolBarArt
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Type AuiToolBarArt

object --+

Known Subclasses:

Proxy of C++ AuiToolBarArt class

Method Summary
AuiToolBarArt Clone(self)
  DrawBackground(self, dc, wnd, rect)
  DrawButton(self, dc, wnd, item, rect)
  DrawControlLabel(self, dc, wnd, item, rect)
  DrawDropDownButton(self, dc, wnd, item, rect)
  DrawGripper(self, dc, wnd, rect)
  DrawLabel(self, dc, wnd, item, rect)
  DrawOverflowButton(self, dc, wnd, rect, state)
  DrawSeparator(self, dc, wnd, rect)
int GetElementSize(self, element_id)
Size GetLabelSize(self, dc, wnd, item)
Size GetToolSize(self, dc, wnd, item)
  SetElementSize(self, element_id, size)
  SetFlags(self, flags)
  SetFont(self, font)
  SetTextOrientation(self, orientation)
int ShowDropDown(self, wnd, items)

Property Summary
  thisown: The membership flag

Property Details


The membership flag

Get Method:
Set Method:

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