Package wx :: Module aui :: Class AuiTabArt
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Type AuiTabArt

object --+

Known Subclasses:
AuiDefaultTabArt, AuiSimpleTabArt

Proxy of C++ AuiTabArt class

Method Summary
AuiTabArt Clone(self)
  DrawBackground(self, dc, wnd, rect)
PyObject DrawButton(self, dc, wnd, in_rect, bitmap_id, button_state, orientation)
PyObject DrawTab(self, dc, wnd, pane, in_rect, close_button_state)
int GetBestTabCtrlSize(self, wnd, pages, required_bmp_size)
int GetIndentSize(self)
PyObject GetTabSize(self, dc, wnd, caption, bitmap, active, close_button_state)
  SetFlags(self, flags)
  SetMeasuringFont(self, font)
  SetNormalFont(self, font)
  SetSelectedFont(self, font)
  SetSizingInfo(self, tab_ctrl_size, tab_count)
int ShowDropDown(self, wnd, items, active_idx)

Property Summary
  thisown: The membership flag

Property Details


The membership flag

Get Method:
Set Method:

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