Package wx :: Class MemoryFSHandler
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Type MemoryFSHandler

          object --+    
CPPFileSystemHandler --+

Proxy of C++ MemoryFSHandler class

Method Summary
MemoryFSHandler __init__(self)
  AddFile(filename, dataItem, imgType)
Add 'file' to the memory filesystem. (Static method)
  AddFileWithMimeType(filename, data, mimetype)
(Static method)
bool CanOpen(self, location)
String FindFirst(self, spec, flags)
String FindNext(self)
FSFile OpenFile(self, fs, location)
(Static method)

Property Summary
  thisown: The membership flag

Static Method Details

AddFile(filename, dataItem, imgType=-1)

Add 'file' to the memory filesystem. The dataItem parameter can either be a wx.Bitmap, wx.Image or a string that can contain arbitrary data. If a bitmap or image is used then the imgType parameter should specify what kind of image file it should be written as, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_PNG, etc.

Property Details


The membership flag

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