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Type EvtHandler

object --+    
    Object --+

Known Subclasses:
ArtManager, AuiManager, Control, DocManager, DocService, Document, FocusHandler, GridColMover, GridRowMover, MaskedComboBoxEventHandler, Menu, MenuKbdRedirector, Process, PyApp, PyEvtHandler, TaskBarIcon, Timer, Validator, View, Window

Proxy of C++ EvtHandler class

Method Summary
EvtHandler __init__(self)
  AddPendingEvent(self, event)
  Bind(self, event, handler, source, id, id2)
Bind an event to an event handler.
  Connect(self, id, lastId, eventType, func)
bool Disconnect(self, id, lastId, eventType, func)
bool GetEvtHandlerEnabled(self)
EvtHandler GetNextHandler(self)
EvtHandler GetPreviousHandler(self)
bool ProcessEvent(self, event)
  SetEvtHandlerEnabled(self, enabled)
  SetNextHandler(self, handler)
  SetPreviousHandler(self, handler)
  Unbind(self, event, source, id, id2, handler)
Disconnects the event handler binding for event from self.

Property Summary
  EvtHandlerEnabled: See GetEvtHandlerEnabled and SetEvtHandlerEnabled
  NextHandler: See GetNextHandler and SetNextHandler
  PreviousHandler: See GetPreviousHandler and SetPreviousHandler
  thisown: The membership flag

Method Details

Bind(self, event, handler, source=None, id=-1, id2=-1)

Bind an event to an event handler.

event - One of the EVT_* objects that specifies the type of event to bind,

handler - A callable object to be invoked when the event is delivered to self. Pass None to disconnect an event handler.

source - Sometimes the event originates from a different window than self, but you still want to catch it in self. (For example, a button event delivered to a frame.) By passing the source of the event, the event handling system is able to differentiate between the same event type from different controls.

id - Used to spcify the event source by ID instead of instance.

id2 - Used when it is desirable to bind a handler to a range of IDs, such as with EVT_MENU_RANGE.

Unbind(self, event, source=None, id=-1, id2=-1, handler=None)

Disconnects the event handler binding for event from self. Returns True if successful.

Property Details


See GetEvtHandlerEnabled and SetEvtHandlerEnabled

Get Method:
Set Method:
SetEvtHandlerEnabled(self, enabled)


See GetNextHandler and SetNextHandler

Get Method:
Set Method:
SetNextHandler(self, handler)


See GetPreviousHandler and SetPreviousHandler

Get Method:
Set Method:
SetPreviousHandler(self, handler)


The membership flag

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