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Type Cursor

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A cursor is a small bitmap usually used for denoting where the mouse pointer is, with a picture that might indicate the interpretation of a mouse click.

A single cursor object may be used in many windows (any subwindow type). The wxWindows convention is to set the cursor for a window, as in X, rather than to set it globally as in MS Windows, although a global wx.SetCursor function is also available for use on MS Windows.

Stock Cursor IDs

wx.CURSOR_ARROW A standard arrow cursor.
wx.CURSOR_RIGHT_ARROW A standard arrow cursor pointing to the right.
wx.CURSOR_BLANK Transparent cursor.
wx.CURSOR_BULLSEYE Bullseye cursor.
wx.CURSOR_CHAR Rectangular character cursor.
wx.CURSOR_CROSS A cross cursor.
wx.CURSOR_HAND A hand cursor.
wx.CURSOR_IBEAM An I-beam cursor (vertical line).
wx.CURSOR_LEFT_BUTTON Represents a mouse with the left button depressed.
wx.CURSOR_MAGNIFIER A magnifier icon.
wx.CURSOR_MIDDLE_BUTTON Represents a mouse with the middle button depressed.
wx.CURSOR_NO_ENTRY A no-entry sign cursor.
wx.CURSOR_PAINT_BRUSH A paintbrush cursor.
wx.CURSOR_PENCIL A pencil cursor.
wx.CURSOR_POINT_LEFT A cursor that points left.
wx.CURSOR_POINT_RIGHT A cursor that points right.
wx.CURSOR_QUESTION_ARROW An arrow and question mark.
wx.CURSOR_RIGHT_BUTTON Represents a mouse with the right button depressed.
wx.CURSOR_SIZENESW A sizing cursor pointing NE-SW.
wx.CURSOR_SIZENS A sizing cursor pointing N-S.
wx.CURSOR_SIZENWSE A sizing cursor pointing NW-SE.
wx.CURSOR_SIZEWE A sizing cursor pointing W-E.
wx.CURSOR_SIZING A general sizing cursor.
wx.CURSOR_SPRAYCAN A spraycan cursor.
wx.CURSOR_WAIT A wait cursor.
wx.CURSOR_WATCH A watch cursor.
wx.CURSOR_ARROWWAIT A cursor with both an arrow and an hourglass, (windows.)

Method Summary
Cursor __init__(self, cursorName, type, hotSpotX, hotSpotY)
Construct a Cursor from a file.
bool IsOk(self)
bool Ok(self)

Property Summary
  thisown: The membership flag

Method Details

__init__(self, cursorName, type, hotSpotX=0, hotSpotY=0)

Construct a Cursor from a file. Specify the type of file using wx.BITMAP_TYPE* constants, and specify the hotspot if not using a .cur file. :see: Alternate constructors wx.StockCursor,`wx.CursorFromImage`






Property Details


The membership flag

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