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wxPython-Phoenix Reference Documentation

Welcome! This is the documentation for wxPython 3.0.3, last updated 28 May 2016 from revision 2058+b606816.

Phoenix is the code name for the new version of wxPython. Robin Dunn called this Project Phoenix because in the process of doing this project wxPython's implementation will be utterly destroyed and then reborn in a new and marvelous way, much like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes of its former self. For wxPython many things about how the wrapper/bindings code is produced will be changing, and we'll also be eliminating some other crud along the way.

Some interesting documents about the current status or the Phoenix project and its development:

  • Project Phoenix Wiki: The Project Phoenix section of the wxPython wiki has information about the background of, and reasons for this project, as well as information for developers who want to help out.
  • Migration Guide: the Migration Guide will give you some hints on how to modify your existing wxPython applications to be compatible with Phoenix, and the Classic vs. Phoenix document will give details on the identifier names that have changed and what you should use instead in your applications. These documents are updated as the project progresses, so be sure to check them often.


If you wish to help in the documentation effort, the main docstrings guidelines are outlined in this document.